The Annual Teacher Fund is the school's priority fundraising initiative that plays a critical role in supporting the BASIS academic model. Your contributions enable the school to recruit, retain, and reward top-performing teachers who motivate our students to learn to love learning, to find what inspires them, and to achieve outstanding results. The school's goal is for 100% of BASIS Goodyear parents to participant in the Annual Teacher Fund. The school recommends an annual donation of $1,500 per family, which represents a small fraction of the annual cost of an equivalent private school education.  Every gift can make a difference! To learn more about the Annual Teacher Fund and to make contribution, click here. For the PDF of the form, click here. 

Annual Teacher Fund

Did you know your employer might be willing to MATCH your donation to BASIS Goodyear Boosters? It's true! Many big companies, small co-ops, established corporations and inspired start-ups all offer what is known as "Matching Gift Programs." In fact, about 65% of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations dollar-for-dollar, in essence "Doubling Your Donation"! 
Many of these same companies - as high as 40% - also offer "Volunteer Rewards" or "Volunteer Grants" programs. They will donate additional funds to BASIS Goodyear Boosters if their employees volunteer with us regularly. They do so in order to encourage volunteerism in communities where their employees live and work, and of course for the tax exemption.

Because we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, your donation to BASIS Goodyear Boosters is tax exempt. But don't let the power of your time, talents & treasure end there, ask your employer about a Matching Gifts or Volunteer Grant program.

Double Your Donation

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