Now is a great time to reach out to other families and start setting up carpools for our students. Why carpool? Carpooling has advantages for everyone! 

Good for Parents

  • Scheduling flexibility for morning and afternoon transportation
  • Save gas money
  • Save time
  • Less wear and tear on your car
  • Build community and social relationships 

Good for the School

  • Less traffic --> less accidents --> more safety
  • Reduce parking problems
  • Increases probability of attendance
  • Increases student safety

Good for Kids

  • Make new friends and study teams

  • Reduce bullying

Good for the Environment

  • Reduces CO2 emisson
  • Reduces global warming

Before you can sign-up for carpooling, you'll need to be a member of BASIS Goodyear Boosters to enter your family's information on the MySchoolAnwhere directory. To join, click here. We already have over 200 families listed in the directory. To sign-up for carpooling, log-in to MySchool Anywhere and follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to Sign-up on the menu bar
2. Select Carpool
3. Find & select the neighborhood/area near you

Once we have more than 2 families signed up per group, we will share email information for parents to reach out and get to know one another and start your carpool.

NOTE: Anyone who picks-up your child from school will need a pick-up pass. If they don't have a pick-up pass, they will need to go to the front office and show ID to pick up your child.  Or you can purchase an extra pick-up pass ($5 each) at the front office.


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